See- Saw

By": Paul Irvin

There is no decision that we can make that doesn’t come with some sort of balance or sacrifice.
— Simon Sinek

As a kid I watched my Dad succeed in so many levels of business. He seemed happy when it was time to go to work, but when it came time to being at home with family he seemed distant and stressed out. My Dad began to spend more and more time at work and less time at home. My Mom always supported my Dad and wanted his dreams to come true, but she asked him one day why he was so stressed out when he was with the family. He admitted to us that he was stressed out when he was with us, but it was because he didn’t really know how to be a Dad. His father died when he was a kid, so he never really got to see him in action as a parent. As my father grew up he was given books on how to be successful in business and he read them diligently. However, my Dad never picked up a book on how to be a successful family man.


As I grew up, I told myself that I would be just as successful as my Dad, but I would be a better family man than him. I was certain I could have the best of both worlds. Luckily for me, I have a wise wife, who told me I could have the best of both worlds, but I needed to understand BALANCE.

Successful CEO’s put in an average of 58 hours of work a week, which was something I was willing to do at first, but as I started my first career job working just 45 hours a week, I began to feel off-balance. I wanted those 5 extra hours that I spent at work to go towards my family. I felt my energy begin to deplete by working those extra hours, energy which I wanted to spend with my family. Maybe my energy was drained because I was working at a job I wasn’t passionate about, or maybe I was doing more than was expected of me at the job, either way I decided I wanted more time with my family and less time at work. Time is everything in this world, and it is limited. So, I found another job where I was only required to work 40 hours a week, and so far, it has worked out. I feel great that I have more time with my family and I’m happy to have a job where; I’m only required to work 40 hours a week. However, by society’s standards and my younger self’s standards, I am no where near my Dad’s success as far as business. Although this might be true, I feel at this time, I have succeeded in finding my perfect balance, and now that I know what it is, my dream of becoming a successful businessman and family man are still on board. Not all successful businessman work 58 hours a week, some work 40 hours like myself. My belief is I will become successful only working these 40 hours, but only TIME will tell. I know the amount of time I want to spend with my family, friends, job and with myself, the challenge is bringing more energy and influence in those areas of my life.

In all aspects of our lives balance is key. Doing one thing too much can cause upset. Like the old saying goes, everything in moderation is the secret!
— Catherine Pulsifer

If you’re reading this, then you have probably read Christopher Pate’s article “What is your sandbox?”, while I don’t have an answer on how you can bring more energy into your life, I do have an answer on how you can RECHARGE your energy in your life. Go to your SANDBOX. There are many things in life that will deplete your energy, but it is your job to find a way to recharge it. Find your sandbox, go to it, and get back on track to achieving your dreams in life. My sandbox is playing video games, what’s yours?

Also, if you like this article, comment on it and let me know where your balance in life lies. Thanks for reading.