I Don't Want To Grow Up By Tia Porter

Hey! Do you remember that commericial from Toys R Us and the jingle that used to play through the television? “I don’t want to grow up cause if I did… (if you know it sing it with me) I wouldn’t be a Toys R Us kid. The irony is that my childhood and Toys R Us shared the same fate. They both went away swiftly and quietly.

The tiny seed knew that in order to grow, it needed to be dropped in dirt, covered with darkness, and struggle to reach the light.
— Sandra Kring

My world sounds a bit like this… I am 30 years old and a single mom from the South Side of Chicago. I have a son who is 6 almost 7 years old . He is my heart and my world. However, when I was growing up I had another world. In internal world of my own thoughts and perspective where I am starting to visit more as an adult (we will come back to that) and an external world filled with friends and family. As a kid, I discovered it was always something to do outside or the external world, whether it be riding my bike in the neighborhood, going to the park, or getting wet in front of the house.

I consider myself a very hard working person and I followed all of the rules that were laid out for me. Only recently have I discovered that those rules were written in pencil and subject to change. One change was when I entered college to become a massage therapist and completed my courses in the healthcare field. Currently, I am a Medical Assistant. Most people ask “Hey Tia, why a Medical Assistant?” I say it’s because I love to help people. I feel the best after a long day where I actually made a difference in someone’s life.

I learned to always take on things I’d never done before. Growth and comfort do not coexist.
— Ginni Rometty

Now back to that inner world or that world in my head. I have noticed that my issues are mine and mine alone. Sometimes I feel like it someone else fault, but they can’t fix my problems so I might as well own them as my issues. I mean I really stopped feeling angry at my friends every time they would call me to take them somewhere without giving me gas money or really a thanks in return. Why? Because I was the one pulling up to her front door when they called. And on and on with examples like that.

If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.
— Gail Sheehy

Now this realization hasn’t come without a cost, I have lost a lot of friends because I don’t want to party or hang out. I would rather read or work to get myself and my son in a better position. My focus is to teach my son to think for himself, to explore the world, or to build a business. However, before any of those things occur, I want my son to go play and enjoy his childhood. Yeah, I didn't want to grow up but I proud of the way that I have grown and continue to grow. Toys R Us maybe gone but I am still here standing.

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